The first group company under the name "ELKOTECHNIK LTD" founded in 1987 by Nikolaos Elenis, with object of activity the design and construction of public and private technical projects.

In 1990 the company relocates to the island of Samos named "NIKOS ELENIS Ltd.", where active in the field of electromechanical applications and energy. Main field of action is the domestic and especially the hotel industry, as well as that of public works.

The 1995 data of new energy and investment trends founded the company "ENERGY SAMOS SA 'taking after the liberalization of the energy market in Greece, the second largest nationwide licensed installation Wind power station on the island of Samos.

In 2006 the government decides to change the "design" of the design concept by turning the gaze in an ecological-environmental direction, based on the principles of the science of Renewable Energy Sources (RES). They start the first autonomous systems and interconnected energy systems Photovoltaic panels (P / B) and Small Wind Turbines (A / C). Standards are also installed irrigation systems such as pumping stations powered by P / B and A / C. Bend is also in the commercial sector for disposal by choosing energy efficient products and acceptable environmental footprint.

From 2008 begins the creation of new energy companies (HYPERION OE, NIKOS ELENIS K SIA OE, SOLAR KARDITSAS LTD SOLAR KOZANIS LTD INTERFACE SA, EMMANOUIL ELENIS K SIA OE) through which investments are made in small and large photovoltaic plants on the island of Samos and in various other areas of Greece.

The group companies are constantly searching and production license acquisition process in all areas of the energy arc, as in those of biomass, small and large hybrid plants and other energy technologies.

The search for new investment guidelines in conjunction with the specific development of the tourism sector at national level leads the board look at the industry. Third pillar development of tourism is defined in conjunction with real estate activity and founded through the acquisition of the company "Hotel complex SAMOS SA" in 2010, the property of which is the complex SAMAINA BAY (beach hotel 140 beds). At 2016 Ergons Group acquires XETE TOURISTIKI KARLOBASOU AE which has under management HOTEL ERATO (92 beds capacity). At 2018 SAMAINA BAY takes total renovation, upgrades to a 4 star hotel (192 beds capacity) and renames to SAMIAN MARE HOTEL, SUITES & Following this completion a new hotel sub-group is created, SAMOS HOTELS &

Today ERGONS group is the group that serves reliably, knowledge and responsibility of the investment principles, contributing to local sustainability by pioneering technologies that improve the quality of life while respecting the environment.