The main investment company of the Group. With main project development (epc) and operate renewable energy projects ("large" wind farms, photovoltaic power stations).

It was established in 1995 by Mr. Nikolaos Elenis (sole shareholder and legal representative) in an effort to broaden the range of engineering activity, in light of then new energy and investment trends. Declared national as highly innovative business movement, taking after the liberalization of the energy market the second largest nationwide licensed installation Wind power station on the island of Samos.

In 1998 installed the first in Greece "great" turbines NEG MICON (power 750kW) and by the year 2000 completed the first wind farm ("Ag. Pantes") company, with power of 1MW installing even an A / C 250kW. The development activity continues with the installation of 2MW (2 * 600kW + 750kW) in the year 2001. 2006 installed 3 more A / C of ENERCON total power company 1,8MW (3 * 600kW).

Currently the total installed capacity of wind power stations amounts to 6MW.

From 2007 and after the announcement of the new institutional framework of RES concerning the producible energy from large photovoltaic power stations, begins licensing and installation procedures 9 photovoltaic power stations owned and 6 epc stations on behalf of other group companies. 2010 is the year of implementation of the ENERGEIAKI to increase the total power potential of over 14 plants.

Today ENERGEIAKI SAMOU SA continues to invest in new technology, research and innovation, making the company a leader in its field, while developing strong partnerships enlargement across the spectrum of Renewable Energy.

It is fully integrated in the activities of the local community by supporting and contributing to progress and sustainable development.

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